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Jailbreak+toutes les applis pour IPAD

Télécharger Jailbreak+toutes les applis pour IPAD
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Bonjour à tous,
ça y est, les nouvelles applis réserver à IPad sont là!! pour tout les détenteur chanceux de cet appareil, voici quelques applis!!! Pour toutes question sur l'ipad, un petit site très sympa ou vous trouverez toutes les réponse que vous vous posez!

et pour le Jailbreak:

iBlast Moki HD:
Do you love bombs, creating contraptions and solving physics puzzles?
iBlast Moki is an original physics puzzle game where you blast cute little Mokis with the help of bombs and other crazy items.

Fieldrunners for iPad:
Do you have what it takes to dominate the fieldrunners and rise to the top as the ultimate Tower Defence master?

Cocoto Kart HD Online:
After the release of Cocoto Kart Racer for Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, Cocoto is now coming to iPad in an exciting kart adventure. Neko Entertainment and Eurocenter teamed up to bring the most console-quality like kart racer to the iPad. Drive in volcano worlds, in the sky, up in the trees, slide on ice, use turbos, take shortcuts by jumping over platforms. 12 unique drivers are fully animated. The online mode includes multiplayer races and battle mode where you try to shoot the opponents 3 times.

Soosiz HD:
Darkness is falling and your friends are missing. Do you have what it takes to save the world? Experience the groundbreaking gameplay mechanics, excellent playability and pixel-precise controls in this gravity-defying platformer where words like up and down get a totally new meaning.

Simple controls make Soosiz easy to learn, but it's a challenge to truly master the game. Enhancing your skills will be essential in beating the new gameplay elements and enemies introduced in each world. Watch out for the reduced gravity in space, slippery surfaces on the ice, gravity fields, freezing fountains and more.

Diner Dash: Grilling Green:
*AN ORIGINAL GAME EXCLUSIVELY FOR iPad!* Take the fate of a restaurant into your hands in this all-new Diner Dash game designed from the ground up exclusively for the iPad! Keep Flo’s Diner up and running through innovative, multi-touch cooking. Swirl your finger to stir soup, tap to chop carrots, and press to grill burgers. Your fingers will fly across the screen as you seat customers and serve up dishes with the Touch Cooker 3000 – the ultimate interactive cooking appliance! You can even invite a friend to help with the cooking and delight your customers with faster food delivery.

Magic Piano:
Play timeless pieces on spiral and circular keyboards, or follow beams of light – mastery requires only imagination.
Play alone, or travel through a warp hole and play Piano Roulette with other performers across the world.
Designed exclusively for the iPad by Smule, creators of Ocarina, Leaf Trombone, and I Am T-Pain, Magic Piano was inspired by the world renowned pianist Lang Lang.

TWiTpad:'s OFFICIAL iPad application!
Interact with Leo Laporte and the TWiT network with the TWiTpad application.

Twit is the live stream for Leo Laporte's network and netcast.

This TWiTpad application directly links to and immediately plays the TWIT Live video stream. No extra configuration / setup is required.

Additionally, this application displays the current TWIT Google calendar for easy reference of upcoming program content.

GoodReader for iPad:
Congratulations! You've found the one and only Good Reader app for iPad! If you need to read huge PDF, or TXT files, you've come to the right place.

Within moments of downloading GoodReader, you'll be transferring files directly from your computer over a Wi-Fi connection, from the Internet or from email attachments. It also easily integrates with MobileMe iDisk, Google Docs, Dropbox,, and other popular servers.
Télécharger Jailbreak+toutes les applis pour IPAD

Télécharger Jailbreak+toutes les applis pour IPAD
Débit actuel 5651ko/s

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